After Wardrobe Malfunction On Live Television Show Host Forced To Apologize

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Some days just don’t start off as planned. The early morning hustle leads to minor mix-ups. The kids go off to school with the wrong lunches. The dog doesn’t get a much-needed a.m. walk. The laptop never makes it into the tote for work.

Or, you know, you put your dress on backward — like Savannah Guthrie did Thursday morning on TODAY. Guthrie just gave us all the smiles we desperately needed.

Guthrie experienced a bit of a harmless wardrobe malfunction during Thursday’s Today show that had her co-anchors calling for a GIF of the moment. Broadcasting from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, Guthrie was caught reaching down her shirt to retrieve her microphone, which had dropped down there moments before the segment began.

“Right before we came on, my mic, which was right here, dropped down my shirt, and I knew I was supposed to read the intro, so I just made a decision to reach out and get it,” Guthrie said as she recovered the wayward mic. Hoda Kotb thought the moment was hilarious, saying, “That timing was perfect. I see a meme in your future or a GIF.” Guthrie, meanwhile, insisted, “It was all very innocent!”

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Joking about the fashion faux pas on an Instagram post, the dedicated media personality shared a picture of the tag of her blouse, which is scratching up against her under her chin. Because Guthrie wakes up before dawn to prepare for her high-visibility job, she has a lot to balance now that she has to do it all from home. And she simply did not notice that her shirt was backward.

How did she miss this? Her 3:330 am morning wake-up call probably has a lot to do with it.

In the Instagram post, the host wrote: “Put my dress on my backward and didn’t notice till too late to change, so now I’m like (choking sounds).”

Guthrie said in an interview recently about working from home, “We’re all getting a lot of time together, which is actually really great. But also I feel like our kids really need us right now — whatever age they are — whether they seem like it or not. They know and they sense, even little ones like ours.”

Source: AWM

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