Boy who lost trooper dad has dozens of officers swarm in to celebrate his birthday

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Raylan didn’t have his dad there on his 4th birthday, so dozens of men and women in uniform arrived to make it special.

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Birthdays are special for kids. That’s why parents do their best to make their children’s day memorable and exciting. Some of them plan big events and invite all of their kids’ friends to a party. Others prefer to keep celebrations simple, like having a barbeque party in their backyard or planning a sleepover for the kids.

4-year-old Raylan May celebrated his birthday a bit differently this year.

The little boy lost his father during an incident while he was trying to stop an armed carjacking suspect on I-15. Trooper Micah May was a member of the Nevada State Police Highway Patrol Southern Comm.

Even without his dad, Raylan still got a memorable birthday.

There were no trampolines or pajama parties. There were no magicians and clowns performing tricks for everyone. However, the kid had his father’s friends, and they did everything they could to throw him his most memorable birthday celebration.

Officers from different law enforcement branches came up with a plan to surprise Raylan on his special day. There were at least 60 units from four different agencies that showed up that day.

The surprise included a parade of motorcycles and vehicles down the street where the family lives. The sight left the four-year-old extremely happy.

Raylan’s mom was beyond grateful.

In an interview with the News3 LV, Joanna May shared:

“It really means a lot that they come out and celebrate his birthday because without Micah it’s really hard. I’m holding back tears.”

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It gave her a spark of hope and strength.

“I got the news via Bluetooth while I was driving. I could describe exactly where I was at the moment I got the wonderful news. None of what was happening seemed real, and this made me feel like I had people bigger and stronger than myself with me during this nightmare,” Joanna said.

It wasn’t the first time the officers stepped in to help the family.

Back in October, they also had a birthday parade for Raylan’s younger sibling. Melody turned one and the officers surprised them.

For the officers, it’s a natural thing to do.

In the same interview, Nevada State Police Highway Patrol’s spokesperson Ashlee Wellman shared:

“This is what the blue family represents. We’re always going to be there for them, even though their father isn’t here physically. It’s up to us to remind him that his father is a hero and we remind him constantly.”

The party brought back good memories of the fallen trooper. Joanna told FOX5 Las Vegas:

“Hearing the siren especially brings back [memories], because Micah would always run his siren. He would always chirp his siren when he would leave for work. So that chirp just brings back all of the memory of him.”

It’s an act of kindness that won’t be forgotten. Watch the video below to see the epic birthday celebration for yourself!

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