Couples Profane Wedding Invitation Causes Outrage From Some Guests

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Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest of your life but for one couple it seems to have backfired on them in a way they were not expecting. They were sending out some of their wedding invitations and when people got them, they found them to be a bit more profane than your average invite. They have not been able to identify who the couple is but while some were turned off by the language used, others found their honesty to be a breath of fresh air.

Among the things they said in the RSVP was to leave their kids at home due to the fact that they wanted to get wasted and the fact that they will eat what they serve them. They also ask for a contribution to their honeymoon and for anyone who needs a hotel or cab, just google it. Finally, in lieu of a black tie, they told them to wear whatever they want (even encouraging them to go nude) and to check the website if they had any questions about what they are supposed to do.

The whole purpose of the card is to circumvent some of the FAQs that many of the guests at the wedding would undoubtedly have but some of the people on Reddit did not think it was as humorous as it was made out to be. One person thought it was cringy and that it looked like they were trying a bit too hard to be edgy and cool while others thought it was way too far over the line.

They were also worried that some of the older guests would find this invitation to be a bit offensive like the grandparents and one person referred to it as a trashy mess. However, there were some people who found it to be funny but were well aware of the fact that not it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. One person said that it was just an attempt at humor but that it will not be enough to satisfy all the recipients of this invite. To be fair, it does seem to imply that a gift is optional which many seem to argue makes up for the fact that it could be perceived as somewhat offensive to many.

The invite comes in black and gold font and has been described by some people as tacky and rude. Reports indicate that many of the guests who received the invite were left in a state of shock and disbelief as they struggled to wrap their heads around what it is they were seeing. The person who first posted it online claimed that the invite appeared to be somewhat normal at first but, once you start to read it, you begin to realize how messed up it can be.

He also claimed that he was rendered speechless by this and that he will not be attending the ceremony for the happy couple. One of the people questioned why it was so hostile towards the guests and this does seem to be a valid point. No word yet from the couple on why they sent out an invite like this and whether they have since been having second thoughts regarding the vulgar language that they used in the letter.

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