“Depressive People Perceive Colors Differently” “Money Can Buy Happiness”… 6 Less-Known Facts About The Human Psyche

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Psychologists constantly study the human brain and the way how it works, but there are a few things that are less well known.

People with a high IQ do not have many friends

A recent study shows that people with high IQs have no need for many friends because their brains are busy solving serious problems, and frequent communication they considered a waste of time.

However, psychologists do not approve of such a way of life and force people who isolate themselves to associate more often with different people because it helps the development of the brain and improves the mood.

Depressive people perceive colors in a different way

People suffering from depression often say that life has lost all color, and that statement has medical confirmation.

The brains of people who are depressed become more sensitive to colors, which makes them less able to recognize the nuances and intensity of colors.

Those who boast that they will do a lot, in the end, do not do anything

It’s simple – if you want to do something big or new, do not tell anyone about your plans.

All those who spend a lot of time bragging about the things they will do, in the end, do nothing of what they say, while people who work “in silence” achieve much more.

Thinking in a foreign language helps you in making important decisions

Several new studies show that to make a big and important decision, you have to think in a foreign language because that will activate the rational part of your brain.

It will help you look at the situation more clearly, and just with that, it will be easier to solve it.

Young people suffer more from depression than older people

A study conducted in different parts of the world shows that people under the age of 30 endure much more stress and suffer from anxiety and depression.

Happiness can be bought with money

Psychologists who claimed that happiness is priceless did not take it literally.

You can “buy” the feeling of happiness when the money you have planned to spend on yourself, you will spend on someone from your family or close friends. When we cheer up someone else, we cheer up ourselves as well, and thus improve our self-confidence and become happier.

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