Do You Shower Properly: Here’s Why You Should Not Shower With Cold Water On Hot Days!

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It is unthinkable to start or end a day without a shower. When the sun is hot, the heat is on, and one of the safest ways to cool down is to shower.

However, do we take a proper shower, and how much do we cool down really or wake up if that is our intention?

For everyday showering, when we are overheated, we should not use cold water at high heat.

As much as it is pleasant because of the high temperature, the cold shower on a hot body can be even more dangerous in the heat we are struggling with these days.

Just because of the cold shower, you can easily succumb to heatstroke.

The point is that cold water will unnaturally lower body temperature so that there will not be enough time to resist naturally high outside temperature.

Therefore, it is necessary to shower with lukewarm water during high air temperatures.

If showering in lukewarm water does not cool you down enough, cool down yourself with a jet of cold water over your wrists. That will cool down a bit the blood vessels, but softer and healthier than if you took a full shower with cold water.

Morning shower

If you intend to wake up under the morning shower, you should know that when the weather is colder, coming out from a hot shower in a room with a lower temperature causes a sharp drop in body temperature.

Because of this, the whole organism goes into a more relaxed state, and soon, instead of waking up, you will fall asleep.

To avoid such an effect morning shower should end with alternating use of hot and cold water.

It is a recommendation to take a cold shower for at least 30 seconds before the end of the showering, then again with hot water, and finally with cold water for another half a minute.

This sudden change from cold to hot and cold water again will open the capillaries and improve the circulation in the body.

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