Domino’s Employee Was Buying Meals For Cops, After Discovering Her Boss Takes Action

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After learning that one of his cashiers was paying for police officers’ meals, one Kentucky Domino’s Pizza boss decided to confront her (video below).

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Instead of punishing Ashley Calvert, however, the boss thanked her, WCPO reports. He said that his father – a cop – had died on-duty over 40 years ago.

Calvert told the news station that she comes from a family filled with law enforcement officials and knows the job can be hard work.

She added that it is particularly hard given the general negative perception of officers these days.

So one day she told her husband that she had decided to buy lunch for the next cop that came into the restaurant.

“If it makes somebody’s day then that’s all it was about,” she told WCPO, adding that she was never looking for media attention.

The first police officer to receive her gift was Officer Paul Roemer, who said he was having a rough day before meeting Calvert.

“I was just halfway through my shift – it’s just a busy shift,” Roemer recalled. ” … I was like, oh, it’s not necessary, I appreciate the gesture but it’s really not necessary. And she was insistent.”

Roemer said he left with a smile on his face as a result.

He added that he was so touched by the incident, he posted about it on social media.

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Other news outlets also picked up the story and posted it on social media. On QPolitical’s Facebook page, many commenters said they were touched by the story, while some shared their own similar stories.

“ … [W]hen I was a waitress for a couple of MAJOR coffee shop chains, I remember a time when we NEVER made our police or fire fighters pay for their meals,” one Facebook user wrote.

“And many often insisted on paying anyway,” she added. “Several times they didn’t get to EAT those meals because of emergency calls that had to be attended to “RIGHT now!” A shooting, a robbery, a fire or car accident… But the world turns and changes come. Sad that we have lost respect for the law and those who put their life on the line to protect it and us. I commend this employee. Her boss should be proud to have her as well as thankful to her.”

Sources: QPolitical/Facebook

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