Experts Warn To Stay Away From This Popular Summer Cooking Hack

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During the summer season, more people tend to enjoy activities outside instead of staying inside their homes so that they can enjoy the warm weather. A cookout during the summer is a popular activity for families and friends to enjoy. Before cookout season, people tend to buy grills or try to get their old grills back in working order so that they are ready for fixing delicious meals outdoors.

There is a trend that some experts are trying to warn about that was first seen in 2020. This trend is one that could be detrimental to your health. Kristy Schwabe is the creator of the original post that has since gone viral due to so many people viewing the video. Since the 2021 grilling season has started, the video has been shared once again as a way to remind people of some of the things they shouldn’t do when grilling.

Schwabe explains the technique that she uses when she prepares a large amount of corn for special events. She shucks the corn and cleans it as she normally would. Next, she puts the clean corn in a cooler. The cooler is then filled with hot water. Before putting the corn and water in the cooler, Schwabe makes sure she cleans the interior of the cooler. After everything is inside, the lid is closed. She waits for about 30 minutes before checking her corn to make sure it’s done cooking.

This is a hack that she didn’t think of on her own. It’s something that several people have shared online and that some of her friends do when they prepare corn. The corn is supposed to stay at the proper level that it needs to so that it can be served before it needs to be heated again or before it needs to be stored. Several people asked her questions about the hack, but she didn’t really answer those comments.

There are now several experts in the food industry who are warning people to avoid this hack as it’s not safe. Herve Malivert is the Director of Culinary Affairs and has made suggestions that corn that’s cooked in this manner might be fast and easy, but it’s dangerous. A cooler isn’t designed to withstand the boiling temperatures that are used during the hack. A cooler can begin to degrade after boiling water is poured in it over time. This means that pathogens and bacteria can begin growing on the inside of the cooler and then be transferred to the corn while it’s sitting in the water. Since the temperature of the water will drop while it sits in the cooler, it means that more bacteria can form on the corn since the temperature can’t be controlled.

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