Fashion Experts Say You Should Stop Wearing Jeans Once You Reach This Age

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Have you ever seen someone wearing an outfit that just doesn’t match their age? It can make people uncomfortable to see someone dressing down to look like a “hip” teenager or twenty-something when they’re actually nearing retirement age. And according to Tip Hero, one fashion advisor agrees – especially when it comes to denim jeans.

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If you’ve reached a specific age, the advisors suggest donating all your jeans to the thrift store because they’re out of fashion for you. While this advice can be taken with a grain of salt, it is worth hearing her out.

The fashion advisor is not just using their personal taste as a reason for older people to kick the habit of wearing jeans. They used data and statistics to prove their point.

UK-based parcel company CollectPlus sent a survey out to shoppers to nearly 2,000 people across the United Kingdom. They were studying the connection between blue jeans, and age and the results are leaving people peeved.

According to the study, people think that if you’re 53 years old or above, you need to stop wearing blue jeans. While the study did not examine articles of clothing like short-shorts, tights, or crop tops, respondents were harsh on older people who liked their blue jeans.

What is the reason for this ageism around jeans? Survey respondents claim that it is too difficult to find jeans that have a good fit for older fashion aficionados.

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24 percent of people who completed the survey said they could not find a pair of jeans that fit. And 6 percent of people claim that their search for blue jeans ends in tears. 29 percent of other people just gave up looking for jeans because they couldn’t find a pair they liked. And people struggle so hard to get a good pair of jeans, only one in ten people are willing to do the work of trying on six pairs of jeans to find the right fit. It is that hard for older individuals.

As people age, it becomes stressful to shop for jeans. And when they do find one that fits, they keep the pair of pants and wear them regularly for at least three years. While older people are loyal to their denim blue jeans, they have a long road and a lot of struggle ahead of them as they start shopping for the perfect pair. And this causes a lot of stress and gets people frustrated fast.

Jean shopping has a lot of hidden costs. When you include transportation, parking, and shipping, you can add an extra $45 in hidden expenses just to get a pair of jeans that a person likes. This hidden cost goes up dramatically as a person ages.

Online shopping is no better. Because you can’t try it before you buy it, return costs end up costing older shoppers a lot of money.

So if you’re fed of with jeans, the study suggests you should stop wearing them. They end up costing you too much to find them and are stressful to find the right pair to fit your body.

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