Items We Had No Idea That Needs to Be Cleaned Every Day

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Some people opt to clean their homes once every seven days, while others do it once every 15 days, and still others do it piece by piece whenever they have the time. However, there are certain things and locations that should be wiped down on a daily basis, regardless of the cleaning plan that you have. For example, the keyboard on your computer, the sink in your bathroom, and the steering wheel in your car all have unrestricted access to microorganisms that could be hazardous to your health.

Onplusnews has compiled a list of the items that require the most of your attention in order to assist you in determining precisely what has to be cleaned.

1. Head of the shower


Even while there is a steady stream of water going through your shower head, that does not indicate that it cleans itself. It is possible for bacteria to develop in it, and it is believed that one of the primary reasons people get lung infections is because they inhale the bacteria when they are showering.

2. Rings

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It is best to incorporate the cleaning of your ring into your regular routine, especially if you wear it on a daily basis or if you have a wedding ring that you never remove. According to a number of studies, the hands of people who wear rings tend to be more contaminated with bacteria than the hands of persons who do not wear rings.

3. Steering wheel

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Even if you don’t have to clean your car every day, you should at least wipe off the steering wheel before you touch it because the interior of a car is a major breeding ground for bacteria that can cause illness.

4. Door handles

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Door knobs are one of the few things in our homes that are routinely handled by the soiled hands we bring in from the street. They may harbor hundreds of different bacteria, any one of which may have an adverse effect on human health.

5. Keyboard

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It’s not unusual for us to use our computers on a daily basis, and the keyboard, simply due to the volume of times it’s touched, is a breeding ground for a number of different sorts of bacteria. The good news is that using antibacterial wet wipes for a simple cleaning can lead to a significant reduction in the amount of dirtiness left behind.

6. Remote control

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Another thing that we have constant contact with is the remote control for our television. As yeast, mold, and bacteria have already been discovered on this common household object, it is recommended that you clean it at the end of each day by setting aside a short amount of time for the task.

7. The dimmer switch

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When we clean our homes, we frequently neglect to pay attention to the light switches, despite the fact that they are a common hiding spot for bacteria and viruses. Studies have shown that they are one of the dirtiest spots in a hotel room, which is evidence that this is the case.

8. The sink in the bathroom

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Because we clean our hands and teeth multiple times a day, including in the bathroom, it should come as no surprise that bathroom sinks can be perpetually dirty because they harbor more than 50,000 different germs. This colony can be eliminated in an instant if it is wiped down on a daily basis with an antibacterial solution.

9. A dental brush

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Every time we use our toothbrushes, food debris and plaque get caught up in the bristles. Additionally, the vast majority of us leave this item out in the open in the restroom, allowing the bristles to serve as a breeding ground for a variety of bacteria. Because of this, it is best to use antibacterial mouthwash to clean our toothbrushes and let them soak overnight before using them again.

10. Windowsills

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Pollen, mildew, and other bits of dirt can become lodged on the windowsills of our bedrooms, which can lead to an increase in allergic reactions while we are sleeping. Simply giving it a quick wipe down each night before turning in can prevent any unfavorable health effects.

Do you already give these locations and things a daily cleaning? If not, what new aspects of cleaning are you going to add to your routine?

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