Man Got Unexpected Results While Consuming Only Beer For 46 Days

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Every year, millions of people give something up for Lent. This religious tradition encourages people to practice selective discipline, which can help them in other aspects of their lives. Many people give up meat for the 46 days of Lent, but one Ohio man gave up something far more difficult for him – everything except for beer – and the weight loss result was absolutely staggering.

Del Hall works at the Fifty West Brewing Company, which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He loves beer. That’s an understatement. But beer does not love him – he’s gained a lot of weight since falling in love with the bubbly beverage.


For Lent this year, Hall decided to give up all food and beverages except for beer. His ale-only diet has been very good for his waistline. He lost a staggering 33.5 pounds so far after starting the practice on Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Because he has not eaten solid food since that date, he was losing tens of pounds rather quickly. His only calories came in the form of his favorite beverage – beer and ale.

When Hall started the fast, he topped the scales at 292.5 pounds. Now he is down to 259 pounds on the beer-only diet. Who would have thought it would work this well?


One of the reasons he chose to drink only beer for Lent was because that was the tradition of monks from the 1600s. They drank only bock beer during Lent and otherwise fasted.

Hall made the announcement in February that he would drink only beer for Lent. But now everyone is looking at his move as a possible diet that could help them shed tens of pounds as well.

“That would be their liquid bread, and basically it would sustain them through 46 days of Lent,” Hall told CBS News in an interview.


Because Hall is not very focused on his weight, he had not weighed in since Thanksgiving. That’s why it was such a big surprise when he watched the scale rise and rise until he was at 292.5 pounds, which was much higher than he thought.

“I haven’t been on the scale since Thanksgiving, so to see 292.5 on that scale was pretty rough to see,” he said in a confessional video, which he launched at the start of Lent. “That’s the most that I’ve weighed in at least six years.”

However, the beer diet helped him shed weight faster than any diet he had ever tried before.


Besides the weight loss, Hall also noticed that the beer-only diet helped him sweat less and feel more comfortable on a daily basis. Although the beer is plentiful – it’s part of his job to sell it – he can’t say for sure if he makes it to the end.

“I’m an Army veteran,” he said. “I was number one in my class in the Army. I’ve run a full marathon before, 26.2 miles. I’ve done big challenges, but this seems very daunting. I’m just curious if I’m up to the challenge if I’m going to be able to do it or not.”


By the end of Lent, Del Hall lost 44 pounds (weigh-in video below).

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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