Parents Think Teen Actress’s Dress Was Way Too Mature

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There were a lot of intriguing looks on the red carpet of the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards and while many of them drew a lot of praise online, there were also several that received a fair degree of criticisms.

One of the outfits that raised a lot of eyebrows and had people talking was that of Millie Bobby Brown. While her look was certainly stunning, many wondered if it is was just too mature for her at only 15 years old.

Millie Bobby Brown is the star of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things and she was one of the first stars to grace the red carpet during this event. The outfit that the star war was designed exclusively for her to wear to this event by the fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton.

The designer outfit featured a coat-dress and trousers in all white and she chose to accessorize the clean look with Cartier diamonds and simple makeup that let her natural beauty show through. While this look is not usual for her as she generally prefers to wear designs from luxury French fashion houses, she enjoyed everything about the outfit that was created for her.

Millie Bobby Brown stated that the vision that she had for the outfit that was created by Louis Vuitton was one that had an androgynous look and she believes that they were able to bring her vision to life.

While the outfit has some rather masculine features and lines, it still manages to maintain a feminine and graceful look when combined with the simple makeup and jewelry.

The Stranger Things actress is happy that the design team was able to get it right once again like they usually manage to do as they managed to include everything that she wanted in the chic outfit. Many things have changed for the actress since she started playing the part of “Eleven” on Stranger Things back in 2016.

Although she admits that the experience has made her stronger, she also notes that the process has not always been easy for the young actress as she is still growing and everything that has happened has been the basis of her teenage years.

Twitter had a lot to say about the outfit saying that it aged her far beyond her years at 15-years-old.

In fact, many said that this was not the first time that her fashion team had her wearing outfits that make her look much older than she actually is.

One person on Twitter insisted that she was showing “too much cleavage” for a child while many others came to her offense pointing out that adults.

Another insisted that Millie Bobby Brown clearly looked comfortable in her outfit so her detractors needed to get off the internet or stop being mad at young girls and women for wearing what society has normalized for them.

In the end, the outfit was something that the actress envisioned and the world should stop bashing her for looking nice on the red carpet and we need to stop shaming for wearing what they happen to be comfortable in. What do you think about her outfit and so many adults having such strong opinions?

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