Police Officer Finds Boy Who Ran Out Of House – What He Says Has Mother Bawling

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An Oklahoma police officer warmed hearts after he helped a child return home.

Oklahoma City Police Officer Nick O’Bryant found the unnamed 9-year-old boy after he jumped over the family’s back fence, reports All That’s Fab.

“My 9-year-old son was adopted from foster care and came to us with a laundry list of emotional issues,” his parent wrote in a letter to Oklahoma City Police Department praising the police officer. “His newest pattern is to run away and be gone for hours. Today, for the second time, he bolted out the back door and scaled the fence and took off down the road.”

The parent added: “I tried for over an hour to get him to get in the car and he refused, screaming and causing a scene.”

But that all changed when O’Bryant showed up.

In a touching photo, the police officer was spotted kneeling down to have a heart-to-heart with the boy.

O’Bryant asked what was going on and just listened as the boy expressed his feelings.

“He didn’t want to do all of his chores and he kind of wanted a little bit of candy, and kind of wanted to take it without asking for it, and didn’t understand that he may need to earn that,” explained the police officer.

Despite the boy’s disciplinary issues, O’Bryant said he was a good kid and was determined to help him.

After hearing him out, O’Bryant invited the boy in his patrol car for a ride and a chat.

“I got him to understand that listening and asking for stuff from his parents would probably go a lot further than just going and taking it and going and doing it on his own,” said the officer.

The child’s parents were overwhelmed with gratitude.

“Even though I could hear his radio going off, he spent time with us to be sure we were OK,” they wrote. “What started as another page in the nightmare turned into a really positive encounter.”

“Officer Nick O’Bryant responded and was an amazing, kind, courteous professional,” they added.

The story moved many across the nation and the police officer won the admiration of many.

“Great job, officer!” commented one person on Newsiosity’s Facebook post about the incident. “You made a difference in that child’s life! Coming from you and not the parents makes a big difference! Parents can talk all day long, but your caring makes that info easier for him to understand. Being a foster child at one time, no telling what he went through already in his life. Thank you!”

Sources: All That’s FabNewsiosity/Facebook

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