Restaurant Charges 38 Cents For “Stupid Question” And Refuses To Apologize

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Stupid questions are definitely a problem in some places and in this particular instance we are taking a look at Tom’s Diner in Denver Colorado where many nonsense questions are intended to only waste time and results in a loss of business. A recent Reddit post shows that the Diner charges guests for stupid questions. At first glance, this might seem like something that isn’t fair or simply ridiculous.

However, the .38 cent charge for stupid questions is something that was created in the beginning to be playful and increase the fun of the restaurant on a daily basis. Tom’s Diner has been known for offering some delicious food where the locals have enjoyed it for a long time extending back 20 years. However, tourists started coming in and were actually wasting the time of the servers with excessive questions about the location and things that had nothing to do with their service.

Tom himself was the creator of this playful and hilarious fee for stupid questions and it has done nothing but make the restaurant more famous overall. Some people will visit with the intent now to only ask stupid questions and inevitably they get charged for it. It has become a sensation and adds a lot of fun to the work environment. The staff has expressed that the volume of stupid questions has increased significantly since more people have discovered this quirky charge. The truth of the matter though is that this is intended to be a joke and you don’t really have to pay for your stupid question.

However, you will definitely see it on your bill if you’re asking about things that are ridiculous. This started off as a fun joke and ended up being a lucrative marketing strategy for Tom’s Diner. It has grown in popularity over time and they are still in business today while giving the same charge along with other unique innovations. Other items to consider on the menu include, “Don’t take yourself so seriously” and “love each other” which are other examples of Tom’s creativity in increasing awareness of having a good time.

People in this world have the right to complain and moan about the service, but this restaurant takes a different approach to handle it. They put emphasis on customer service, but also encourage a light-hearted and almost trolling response to those who ask too many questions or treat their servers with disrespect. If you get easily offended then this might not be the spot for you to enjoy a meal, but if you can laugh at yourself then it’s a great diner for a memorable and fun experience! You will definitely get something less than traditional here with an atmosphere that is rarer nowadays.

The Reddit post has increased their business and it’s important to understand that the concept of joking around in an overly professional world extends back 20 years when they were first established. Another funny joke included the “Skip your next meal” comment on the bill which is insinuating that you need to take it easy after eating something unhealthy. “Walk home” is another hilarious addition that sends a sharp yet funny message about increasing health awareness. All of these phrases really lighten up the atmosphere and they continue to shock guests and have them smiling when they see the check!

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