She Wasted No Time Getting Revenge After They Fired Her

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A woman apparently smashed Hundreds of alcohol bottles worth thousands of pounds in an Aldi shop in England after knowing she had been fired from her position.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon in the town of England’s Stevenage in the county of Hertfordshire.

Evelin Roldán, 25, admitted that she was “blinded,” and she could not control her anger when the owners of the store fired her. She began to break everything that came her way in the liquor section of the store.

In video footage, Evelin can be seen smashing the bottles while standing next to the debris of all the broken bottles. The woman is dressed in a hoodie and wet, brown-colored baggy leggings that have caught alcohol sprayed from the bottles.

In a report, the store’s employees were too terrified to confront Evelin as she was shattering the alcohol bottles. In the following video, Evelin can be seen reaching for the top shelf after entirely clearing the middle shelf of all bottles.

The store owner called the police after noticing the situation, Evelin can be seen being removed from the shelves and being led away from the area toward the exit door by an officer and was then subsequently taken into custody and brought to the local police station.

The former employee claimed that among other things, the injustices she encountered while working at the business caused her to blow up.

“Unfortunately at that moment I was blinded by anger, anger, swallowing the mistreatment, the challenges, the ignoring, and even slaps or insults for not losing my job” Evelin said.


Evelin Roldan la ahora ex empleada de Apolo uno de los superchinos de Rafaela, alega presuntos malos tratos que dispararon esta ira. El tema seguirá en la justicia…mira que locura

— Nestor Clivati (@nestorclivati) June 15, 2022

Evelin Roldán alleges that although the viral video was shot and produced by her former employers, it does not demonstrate the alleged injustices she experienced or the fact that she complained “to the face” to those in power. She claims that after this, she was fired “without explanation.”

The young woman expresses her dissatisfaction that they did not value her work, the effort she put out, and her “desire to advance,” but she also acknowledges that her response to the dismissal was not adequate.

“I was wrong, and I paid as the law decided for all the damage I did. They leave you like this, with one hand behind and the other in front from one day to the next without even giving you reasons, an explanation, an apology at least, I was a good employee, respectful, always available because from cleaning floors to cutting cold cuts or serving I made a box with a lot of desire” Evelin pointed out.

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