Three sisters all over the age of 100 share their secret for long and healthy life

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The youngest sister just celebrated her 100th birthday with her two older sisters – ages 102 and 104.

She is still the baby at 100.

Imagine celebrating your 100th birthday and not being the oldest family member in the room. Frances Kompus was technically still the baby of the family when she blew out the candles at her 100th birthday party. Sitting beside her to witness her big day were her two older sisters, 104-year-old Julia Kopriva and 102-year-old Lucy Pochop.

Sisters in the spotlight.

KSN TV did an interview with the women about the momentous occasion and the special bond they share. Being the youngest of the three, Kompus said that she “always did what they did.”

The sisters have always been close.

They grew up on a farm in Beardsley, Kansas, and always had each other. Kompus told KSN TV about how she would have to run to catch up with her sisters on the two-mile trek to school each day. They reminisced about stopping at a creek to catch frogs and putting them in their pockets. Their childhood was full of fun and also full of responsibility.

All three would work on the farm.

They would work on the family farm wherever they were needed. Some days, Kompus would even ride the tractor. “What I remember well is my father didn’t have modern tractors. We took gas, gasoline out in the field in 5-gallon buckets,” Kopriva told. They took their chores in stride and didn’t let them hinder their ability to create great memories together.

Farm life wasn’t all bad.

In addition to their farm chores, the sisters recalled having geese to play with and roosters as pets. Their mother would serve food from scratch and butcher their own hogs. “Well, we didn’t ever eat fancy, but we ate good food,” Kompus told KSN TV

The sisters share their secret to longevity.

Kompus told that eating well has helped her to live a long, healthy life. She also walks and makes a point to be social. “Keep going,” Kompus told. Her sister, Kopriva, had her own thoughts about how to stay healthy and live a long life. “I think faith comes first and thank your parents, grandparents,” Kopriva told.

They have each other.

The sisters became even closer as they got older and became widows. They play cards and dominoes every night and always have each other for support and companionship. “That was their thing,” Kompus’ daughter, Fran Allacher. “They just got together and they’ve been their support for each other, forever.”

“I get to be the boss.”

Kopriva told that she was happy to have her sister’s company as they grew up but as the oldest, she gets to be the boss. They spoke about how they always got along and when they got older and had families, they would lean on each other for support.

The Three Musketeers.

The sisters shared that they were dubbed ‘The Three Musketeers’ because they were always together. Pochop’s daughter, Valyne Pochop, noted how incredible it is that they have ‘always been involved in each other’s lives.’

Now watch the inspiring video of this very special birthday celebration.

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