Old Money Clothes Style Men Guide 2024 A Way To Be Different

Here we will build your old money clothes wardrobe. This old money aesthetic wardrobe can change to the rich and good-looking guy, In old money clothes style

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Did you want to look attractive by getting dressed up in old money style, The term old money has been trending a lot since a few months ago, Everyone wanna look more attractive by making dresses classy and ascetic. Here old money clothes and Aesthetic makes a chain of attractiveness around you to acquire girls’ attention although a good dressing sense can level up your confidence and personality too.

The big rich wore old money clothes, and elites in the previous generations got a premium and luxury look with old money clothes.
Old money aesthetics are the traditional men’s outfits of premium high-quality fabrics and well-tailored. Old Money style emphasizes quality and craftsmanship towards trendy and flashy designs. Old money

Old money clothes will give you a rich and luxurious look. It makes you different from other ordinary guys wearing oversized jeans and T-shirts. Styling Old money clothes with light and dark color combinations can present you as a high-value man in the eyes of people. Now girls will look back when they go through you and that most important thing for men.

Let’s get started, stay with each part of the article to transform you into the old money guy.

Understanding Old Money Clothing Style

All the dressing trends from the 19th century, luxury fashion is considered as old money ascetics. By the time it came back, it was the most popular fashion trend on social media too. A new generation is drawn to the understated elegance, which they use as a canvas to express their unique personal flair. The style has also been popularized by shows like Succession and a resurgence of noughties classics such as Gossip Girl.

Key Elements of Old Money Aesthetic:

Understated Sophistication:

Avoid large logos, graphic tees, and varsity jackets.
Stick to a neutral color palette including browns, beiges, blacks, charcoals, whites, navies, and khakis.

Tailored Silhouettes:

Fit is everything, opt for well-fitted and well-tailored clothing.
Choose high-quality fabrics like linen, wool, leather, cashmere, and cotton.

Let’s build your Old Money Aesthetic Wardrobe

Old Money Pants

For the old money clothes firstly we need an array of pants, we started your basic old money clothes wardrobe with a selection of purely suit pants and trousers. You have to look for ones with buttons, pleats, or side adjusters as these look the most classy. You can buy as for how many colors you should get, guys, buy as many as you can afford. As I’ve said before, pants make the biggest difference in your outfit, and when it’s time for your more casual situation, you can always go for a well-tailored chino.

Best Chinos at Affordable Price, I am linking lots of different options for price ranges and budgets for old money chinos.

Next, you’ll need some elegant polos, once again keeping it neutral and fitted. And as you can see here I have this Abercrombie one. It’s simple. It’s got this classic argyle pattern. I’ve got this Massimo Dutti one that has a ribbed textured as well as this other one from Massimo Dutti that has a cable knit design, all very classy looking polos. And one thing to note is that texture is completely fine to play around with. It actually adds some elegance to the polo, so don’t feel afraid to play with textures, just avoid anything with big logos.

T-Shirts (Old Money Clothes)

Next, we have fitted T-shirts and obviously, you’ve got lots of options when it comes to this. You could go for one with a cable knit design like this one from Massimo Dutti, which I think exudes elegance. It’s called that beautiful texture. You could also go for a thicker t-shirt that has more of a sweater-like material for a more premium look.

Next, you’ll need some button-ups and some button-downs. Linen, linen. You need some linen shirts for the summertime guys. If you’re just gonna buy one, go for a white one. And as for fit, go for a regular fit or a slim fit depending on your body type. Also, you’ll want some striped button-ups or button-downs that are typically going to be white with navy.

Those are the ones that look the best, and you’ll also need a few Oxford shirts as well for your formal occasions. Next, you’ll need some sweaters and I say sweaters, guys because hoodies don’t exist in the old money esthetic.

Sweaters (Old Money Clothes)

Sorry hoodie lovers, the sweater is going to be your ultimate layering item. This is where you want to choose higher-quality fabrics like wool or cashmere. Don’t go cheap in this area. Look at cable knit crew sweaters like this one from Abercrombie or Ralph Lauren. Also, thin sweaters like the cashmere one to put a dress shirt under.

And we cannot forget about the classic quarter zip sweater like this one from Everlane. Absolute essential for the wintertime. In the fall time, if you’re trying to achieve this old money esthetic.

Coats (Old Money Clothes)

Now onto your coats. And I haven’t replaced mine yet since the fire, so we’re going to use Alex as an example. You want to wear something that is tailored and structured like what you’re seeing him where and when it comes to buying one, you want to buy a wool one, and it’s relatively easy to find one on a budget.

Pro Tip that will help to save you lots of money for buying old money ascetic coats, You can go to the thrift store. I see them there all the time. You can buy one for 50 bucks and take it to your tailor and make it look absolutely perfect.

A perfect suit in old money style

Next, you’ll need the holy grail of elegance the suit. Every guy needs a suit. And their arsenal picture yourself in a well-tailored black, navy, or gray suit. Pull it up into a room. Ladies just throwing themselves at you because you’re so freaking sexy.

Well, that’s what I like to think would happen. But assuming most of you guys are on a budget and you can’t afford a Tom Ford suit, I would go look in a suit supply. Suit supply has lots of options when it comes to nice tailored items and also higher quality fabrics for footwear.

Footwear – Loafer sneaker (Old Money Style)

Consider a classic leather penny loafer or an Oxford for more formal occasions, and both black and brown.

Second, you’ll need a loafer sneaker as it provides a classy yet convenient option for the casual outing.

Thirdly, don’t forget to get yourself a pair of Birkenstocks so you can wear those to the beach without socks, of course. And if you prefer sneakers, make sure that you opt for a slim white leather sneaker. Don’t go for an Air Force One or a New Balance.

Accessories – Small things which can level up dressing into old money style

1. Watches

Firstly, you’ll have to get yourself a watch, and if you want to go for a true old money esthetic, you want to go for something with a leather band and a small face.

Think Cartier tank. So I assume the majority of you guys can’t afford a Cartier tank

So there are lots of other options that share the exact same style, like the Longines Dolce Vita, the Oris Rectangular, the Seiko Sup 880, and the Hamilton Bolton all at different price ranges.

2. Belts

Now let’s talk about belts. You’ll need two belts, a black and a brown one that’s going to cover all of your different occasions. Remember to keep the buckles sleek and minimalistic. This isn’t a UFC championship belt that you’re trying to wear. It’s supposed to be something that complements your outfit.

3. Sunglasses

And last but not least, I wear it so you can protect your eyes from the dazzling wealth of the Ray-Ban club. Master Erica’s wayfarers, tortoiseshell frames, aviators, or round glasses or ideal.

Just make sure that you’re avoiding any of the new trendy designs, like the Prada ones, with really thick, chunky ones. You don’t want any of those guys now.


This article will help you get your old money aesthetics wardrobe that suits your body. If you follow each step of this article then you will become a attractive, looking old money style guy who can bring lots girls to find you cool.

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